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Many items have suggestions right on the main page.

We have more detailed info, including some complete favorite recipes, easily accessible by clicking on the product images. We have linked them below for your convenience:

A few random thoughts:

Salads and Vegetables:




Pasta & Risotto: We recommend the Acquerello Carnaroli Rice for perfect risotto:





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By clicking on any image on our website, you can get access to recipes and additional information on our products. We love sharing ideas with you and hope you'll click on some images to find a new use for a product you know and love, or use it to discover new and creative ideas.

For instance, our Escargots page lists a recipe for Escargots & Fettuccini Pasta , taking a regular pasta dish and adding some excitement. So easy, while adding a new dimension and surprise for our dinner guests. We do love the Classic Escargots à la Bourguignonne of course, and the snail butter recipe is printed right on the can, and we recently added Escargots to our Paella as a new twist on that favorite Spanish dish.

Under our La Chinata Paprika we have a favorite recipe: Lamb Meatballs with Chickpeas and Red Pepper Sauce.

We also have the help of some of our favorite restaurants, like Casa Vieja's Sommelier Kate Gerwin, who has incorporated our O White Balsamic Vinegar into her The "O" Cocktail.

Do you love making your own salad dressings?? Add an extra dimension by incorporating our Almond, Walnut, or Hazelnut Oils instead of your standard extra virgin olive oil to bring out those wonderful new flavors. Use our Truffle Mustard instead of just any mustard, or try a new flavored salt! Play with your vinegar choice as well, using Banyuls Vinegar, Sherry Vinegar, White Balsamic, or Champagne Vinegar for four totally different taste experiences! The possibilites are endless and you will have your dinner guests asking "how do you make that wonderful dressing?".

Whether you are using Griottines during the holidays for baking, eating them straight out of the jar, or dropping them into your favorite cocktail, we hope you find all our additional recipes and possible flavor combinations as exciting as we do. Play in the kitchen, try a new dish, or experiment with an old and trusted recipe by adding or substituting a new ingredient. We are certain you'll enjoy adding variety and fun to your dinner tables, and the best part is, these ideas are easy and effortless!

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