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This week's featured items:

Laguiole Red Wine Waiter Corkscrew (Jean Dubost)
Laguiole Red Wine Waiter Corkscrew (Jean Dubost) Be the first one to write a review

Add a pop of color to your table as you open up your favorite bottle of wine. This wine waiter corkscrew, with it's red handle, is great to use all year, but especially during the holidays. The corkscrew is made from high-grade stainless steel, is rust resistant, and is dishwasher safe.

The Laguiole knife, from the south of France, has a history dating back to the early 1800s. The distinctive bee, a mark identifying, and distinguishing, all Laguiole products, comes from the imperial seal of Napoleon Bonaparte.

  • Red ABS handle
  • Stainless steel corkscrew
  • Wooden storage box
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • We recommend washing gently by hand under running hot water and drying it immediately after.

ABS plastic is the same plastic they use for Lego Toys, motorcycle helmets, and golf clubs. It has high tensile strength and is very resistant to physical impacts and chemical corrosion. This allows the finished plastic handles to withstand heavy use without showing signs of wear and tear.

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

One waiter's corkscrew with red ABS handle in a wooden storage box

Price: $72.00
On Sale! $69.99

Masciantonio Trappeto di Caprafico 100% Intosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Masciantonio Trappeto di Caprafico 100% Intosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil Masciantonio Trappeto di Caprafico 100% Intosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Tommaso Masciantonio is one of only two dedicated growers in Abruzzo reviving the Intosso olive in a small area of Casoli, Abruzzo, at the foothills of the Maiella Mountain. The small Intosso tree thrives, even in the cooler temperatures, in a unique plateau rich in limestone soils. With Tommaso’s constant attention to production quality at every stage, the result is a unique and intensely flavored olive oil.

96 bottles came into the USA. We were lucky enough to be allocated 12. GRAB THEM!

Produced and bottled by Tommaso Masciantonio with olives grown, harvested, and pressed at the Tommaso Masciantonio Estate in Italy.

500 milliliter (16.8 ounce) bottles

Price: $54.95
On Sale! $50.00

Wild Onions (Lampascioni) in Olive Oil
Wild Onions (Lampascioni) in Olive Oil Be the first one to write a review

Lampescioni are a traditional wild-gathered food typical of the Puglia region of Italy. Though called wild onions they are actually in the hyacinth branch of the asparagus family (Muscari racemosum). They have the delicate bitterness of that familiar vegetable but with the shape and texture of a roasted scallion. These springtime bulbs are lightly pickled and exclusively packed in olive oil for RITROVO.

In Puglia they are used in frittatas and as a garnish for the regional dried bean and dandelion stew, fave e cicoria. They can be great atop cooked or pureed beans of any kind. Also try adding slices to antipasto or charcuterie plates, or any type of sandwich. They make a great garnish for roasted meats, roasted fingerling potatoes, and root vegetables.

Ingredients: wild onions (55%), olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, spices. Contains sulfites.

10 ounce glass jar

Price: $12.95 Quantity

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