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This week's featured items:

White Truffle Butter (Savini)
White Truffle Butter (Savini) White Truffle Butter (Savini)
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The Savini family business is world famous for their truffles. Since the 1920s, the family tradition of handcrafted truffle products has passed down over four generations.

The truffles are individually selected by Luciano and Cristiano Savini. They are personally out with the truffle hunters in the heart of Tuscany so they can guarantee the highest quality and ensure the origin of each and every truffle. The production of truffle products, like this exceptional truffle butter, is then carried out using traditional methods and solely at the request of the importer. This guarantees both the freshness of the product and the 'shelf life'. Every jar shows a "best by" date so you know you are getting the freshest butter available. Large visible pieces of real truffle are in every jar.

  • Start your day off with a perfectly cooked egg and some truffle butter.
  • Put it on hot baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, and french fries.
  • Place a spoonful on your hot steak and watch it explode with truffle flavor.
  • A little bit with seared or grilled scallops is otherworldly.
  • Truffle butter for lobster? ABSOLUTELY!
  • Add a heaping teaspoon to your risotto 5 minutes before it is done to make truffle risotto!
  • Toast some bread, spread some truffle butter on it, add a touch of grated parmesan cheese, and serve as an appetizer.
  • Mix together an egg yolk, a teaspoon of truffle butter, copious amounts of grated parmesan cheese, and two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil as a sauce for pasta.
  • Rub it on a hot ear of corn on the cob.
  • Use it as your butter for popcorn... Truffle popcorn!
  • A perfect dipping sauce for a freshly cooked artichoke.

Buy 2 or more, mix and match, truffle butters and get them for only $25.00 each! That's a 16% savings!

Shelf stable. Refrigerate after opening.

80 gram glass jar (2.82 ounces)

Price: $29.79

Moscatel Vinegar
Moscatel Vinegar Be the first one to write a review

This Moscatel Vinegar is made exclusively from Moscatel (Muscat) grapes. This vinegar, made in Catalonia, Spain, is characterized by a gentle, fragrant aroma and flavor. It is especially recommended for fish, seafood dishes, and desserts. We also think its sweet tones are ideal in many marinades, and of course it makes an exciting salad dressing when combined with your favorite extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients: Moscatel wine vinegar (80%), concentrated grape juice of Moscatel grapes (20%).

Contains sulfites.

500 milliliter (16.8 fluid ounce) glass bottle

Price: $19.95 Quantity

Shallot Confit (L’Epicurien)
Shallot Confit (L’Epicurien) Shallot Confit (L’Epicurien)
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Master Jam Maker Bernard Le Gulvout's traditional techniques for small-scale production use an open jelly pan, the only way of bringing out the full subtlety of the flavors while retaining the richness of the natural colors. L'Epicurien has recreated the flavors of bygone days and produces unexpected combinations of tastes to ensure that eating is always a pleasure.

Tenacity, Know How and Passion enabled L’Epicurien to win an award for their range “Cheese & Fruit Confits”.

Based on traditional recipes, these savory confits provide an opportunity to taste some special flavor combinations. Serve them with meat or fish dishes, or spread them on minitoasts as an appetizer. They are a tasting experience that transports you to the Mediterranean and beyond.

Ingredients: shallots (74%), sunflower oil, cane sugar, white wine from Pays d'Oc, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, modified starch, blackcurrant cream, salt, caramel color, concentrated lemon juice, spices, rosemary extract.

7.4 ounce glass jar

Price: $14.95
On Sale! $12.95

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