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This week's featured items:

Handmade Brittle Torrone in Red Tin (Scaldaferro)
Handmade Brittle Torrone in Red Tin (Scaldaferro)
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The only company in the world which prepares nougat totally by hand!!

Nougat, with almonds and honey, in a red tin.

Mandorlato Scaldaferro is a confectionery product composed of toasted almonds mixed with honey, sugar, and egg whites whipped until the mixture becomes white, creamy, and soft: everything is cooked very slowly.

The cooking is in a bain-marie over many hours. This is one of many steps that separates Scaldaferro from everyone else as industrial nougats cannot invest the time, the patience, and the attention to detail for their mass-produced torrone. Scaldaferro's hand-made torrone is perfectly crumbly and immediately recognizable, characterized by a “frothy” texture and a slightly amber color.

After cooking, the dough is worked by hand, cut into sticks, and immediately wrapped while hot to preserve the flavors and aromas.

The ingredients, all the best of the best, are one of their "secrets". They use a special blend of honeys, and the Italian almonds are carefully selected and roasted directly by the Scaldaferro family. This great care, this hand-made process, is what makes Scaldaferro Torrone the best in the world.

Another inimitable feature of the Scaldaferro is the hand laying. In fact, each layer of almonds is placed row by row on a bed of wafer, instead of being rolled, pressed and ironed by a machine. The torrone is thus lighter, with great texture, compared to the pressed industrial torrones on the market.

Ingredients: ALMONDS, honey, granulated sugar, glucose syrup, EGG ABUME, vanilla, wafer (potato starch, water).

It does not contain preservatives, dyes, flavors. Gluten free product. It may contain traces of other nuts in shell.

This is released once a year, we were lucky to get 12.
Grab them while you can!

12.3 ounce (350 gram) red metal tin

Price: $50.00
On Sale! $39.95

Mister Bitters Gift Pack (5 x 1 ounce)
Mister Bitters Gift Pack (5 x 1 ounce) Be the first one to write a review

This gift pack contains Mister Bitters' range of their 5 flavors in 1 ounce bottles

  • Fig and Cinnamon: A delicious dark and bittersweet additive which brings a touch of Christmas into any cocktail.
  • Negroni: Bitter orange blended with spices and chamomile make this fragrant, citrus driven bitters.
  • Pink Grapefruit and Agave: Bright and bitter oils from fresh pink grapefruit peel flavored with spices and agave nectar.
  • Honeyed Apricot and Smoked Hickory: A sweet front and smoky finish with a blend of honeyed apricot, and smoked hickory.
  • Cacao and Macadamia: A beautiful addition to any after (or before) dinner cocktail. Cacao and macadamia blended with coffee and spices.

A great thing about bitters is that they are great flavorings for sparkling water when you want a non-alcoholic, tasty beverage!

Bitters are the bartender's spice rack, and ours are made with love using some quality local ingredients.

The included recipe card has different cocktail recipes, one for each bitter, to get you started!

Handmade in Australia

One ounce can make between 25 and 40 cocktails, so a little goes a long way and a bottle should last months and months and months.

Price: $46.50
On Sale! $39.99

Mint Jelly (Rosebud Farm)
Mint Jelly (Rosebud Farm)
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Nothing artificial, simply delicious!

This is the best Mint Jelly on the market. Made from fresh mint, and hand sorted (no stems!), so that only the mint taste shines through. This hand-made, pectin-free recipe heralds from the heart of North Yorkshire, England. Your lamb, roasts, and even green beans will pair beautifully with its naturally minty and fresh flavor.

Rosebud Farm fills their jars with generous quantities of fresh, seasonal ingredients, locally sourced, and organic where possible. They are made without any additives, preservatives, colorings, or gelling agents. Rosebud Farm's preserves are characterized by bold, fresh flavors, and have all the honesty and simplicity of the very best food you can prepare in your own kitchen.

Processed in a facility that also processes Peanuts, tree nuts (almonds), and wheat.

Ingredients: Apples, water, unrefined sugar, fresh lemon juice, fresh mint.

8 ounce glass jar

Price: $15.95
On Sale! $14.95

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