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This week's featured items:

Dazero NOVELLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250mL) (Tenuta SantIlario)
Dazero NOVELLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250mL) (Tenuta Sant'Ilario) Be the first one to write a review

Another company that pre-ordered in July went out of business before this was released, so we got their allocation, 12 more bottles

A true Novello, just picked, bottled, and FedExed from Italy to us here in the USA just in time for the holidays!

It was literally an olive, on an olive tree in Italy, 3 weeks ago.. remarkable!

The annual tasting of freshly pressed olive oil is a generations old tradition in Italy. One must taste these truly fresh extra virgin olive oils and experience their fabulous vibrancy in order to understand why food loving Italians look forward to the yearly olive oil release!

40% Leccino, 30% Frantoio, 20% Tortiglione, 10% Dritta olives

This dark green extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered.

We were only allocated 12 bottles, when they are gone, they are gone!

Best By: 31March2025

Produced and bottled by Tenuta Sant’Ilario with olives grown, harvested, and pressed at their estate in Abruzzo, Italy.

250 milliliter (8.45 fluid ounce) glass bottles

Price: $39.95
On Sale! $34.95

Octopus Caldeirada
Octopus Caldeirada
Average rating:
average rating 100%

Many traditional Portuguese dishes use octopus as their main star, and a conservas stew is one of their finest delicacies. This stew is designed to deliver this Portuguese tradition in a tin. It takes simple ingredients (tomato, onion, garlic) in the right proportions to provide the traditional flavors of Caldeirada we have come to know and love.

All the complexities of a traditional Portuguese stew, ready to eat when you open the can. Warming onion, garlic, and tomato transform this decadent cephalopod and transport your tastebuds to Portugal.

Ingredients: Octopus vulgaris (53.3%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (12.5%), Tomato Pulp (16.6%), (Onion, Garlic, Red Pepper and Chilli) (17%), and Salt (0.8%)

Best by: 31Dec2028

4.2 ounces (120 grams) in a metal tin

Price: $28.95
On Sale! $24.95

Apple Cider Confit with Calvados (L’Epicurien)
Apple Cider Confit with Calvados (L’Epicurien)
Average rating:
average rating 100%

This slightly sweet confit made with Calvados, an apple brandy, and apple cider is divine. Whether you create a cheese plate or incorporate this confit into a recipe, from pastries to glazes, you will not be disappointed. This confit pairs well with soft cheeses like Camembert or Brie, and a nice white wine.

Master Jam Maker Bernard Le Gulvout's traditional techniques for small-scale production use an open jelly pan, the only way of bringing out the full subtlety of the flavors while retaining the richness of the natural colors.

Based on traditional recipes, these savory confits provide an opportunity to taste some special flavor combinations to ensure that eating is always a pleasure. Serve them with meat or fish dishes, top a bowl of ice cream, or spread them on mini-toasts as an appetizer. They are a tasting experience that transports you to the Mediterranean and beyond.

Tenacity, Know How and Passion enabled L’Epicurien to win an award for their range “Cheese & Fruit Confits”.

Best by: 26April2025

Ingredients: Cider (26%), Sugars extracted from Fruit, Cane Sugar, Apple (19%), Calvados (2%), Fruit Pectin, Calcium Citrate, Concentrated Lemon Juice

4.4 ounce glass jar

Price: $13.95
On Sale! $9.95

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