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"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients." ~Julia Child

This week's featured items:

Radici Organic Tuscan White Bean Appetizer
Radici Organic Tuscan White Bean Appetizer Radici Organic Tuscan White Bean Appetizer
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In the beautiful Tuscan hamlet of Loro Ciuffenna, Sandra Masi, Viviano Venturi, and their small, skilled crew produce an amazing variety of organic products. Their focus is on regional, traditionally-inspired dishes created from local recipes and containing heirloom cultivars. Their 100% organic product line is internationally acclaimed. All Radici products are known for pure, focused flavors that elevate any home-cooked meal to restaurant quality.

This is a traditional Tuscan staple made into an American classic using Heirloom Cannellini beans from the province of Lucca (Cannellini di Lucca). These wonderful, organic white beans are cooked until tender, and then flavored with extra virgin olive oil, sage, and a pinch of salt. It makes for a delicious instant antipasto or side dish.

  • Eat them right out of the jar, they are that good!
  • Ideal in vegetarian dishes
  • Amazing in salads
  • Drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil to top bruschetta
  • Mix with fresh tuna chunks for a delicious, protein-rich meal

And remember to save the extra virgin olive oil for drizzling on bread, or for your favorite salad dressings!

  • Ready-to-eat right from the jar!
  • Certified organic.

Ingredients: Cannellini beans, extra virgin olive oil, salt, sage.

12.7 ounce (360 gram) jar

Price: $17.95
On Sale! $15.95

Pure Walnut Oil (J. Leblanc)
Pure Walnut Oil (J. Leblanc) Pure Walnut Oil (J. Leblanc)
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J. Leblanc has changed little since 1878, the year it was founded. It is still run by a Leblanc, Jean-Charles, grandson of the founder. It is still located in the southern most village of Burgundy, Iguerande, and it still manufactures the highest quality, small-batch, handcrafted nut oils in France.... if not the world.

J. Leblanc starts with the careful selection of the absolute highest quality whole nuts available, grown on many of the same farms that J. Leblanc has been doing business with for generations. For each batch of oil about fifty-four pounds of nuts are ground into a paste using the huilerie's original granite mill. In order to guarantee an even roast, this paste is constantly stirred in a roaster for 10 minutes. The roasted paste is then transferred to a mechanical press where it is divided in half and separated with filter cloth. The oil is expressed at 22,000 pounds of mechanical pressure. After pressing, the oil rests from seven-to-fourteen days to allow the sediment to settle before bottling. This is a labor, and time, intensive process which produces only 300 liters a day. These nut oils are pure, unadulterated, unfiltered, and unrefined.

J. Leblanc nut oils are made to order.

One of the most important facts about Huilerie Leblanc's production is not the "how" but the "when". Since Huilerie Leblanc does not have large storage facilities, or refining capabilities, production takes place when orders come in - guaranteeing the freshest nut oils delivered to your door. It's not only a difference you can taste - in their clean, bright, and deep flavors, but also extends their longevity by up to a year.

In the United States, J. Leblanc is finding its way to renowned restaurants like The French Laundry, Mandalay Bay, Delfina, Campanelli, One Market, 231 Ellis, and Hawthorn Lane to name a few!

  • Nut oils can be used for salad dressings with quality vinegar such as champagne, Banyuls, sherry, or raspberry. The usual ratio is three parts oil to one part vinegar.

Please refrigerate J. Leblanc nut oils after opening.

8 fluid ounce glass bottle

Price: $19.95 Quantity

Tinta de Calamar Squid Ink (Conservas de Cambados) Jar
Tinta de Calamar: Squid Ink (Conservas de Cambados) Jar Be the first one to write a review

In the Mediterranean, squid ink is used in many recipes: Paella, risotto, black rice, soup, pasta, and of course Chipirones en su Tinta (squid in its own ink). It is also regularly included in seafood stews. In Italian cooking, it is used to prepare spaghetti al nero di seppia.

Squid ink contains numerous amino acids and polysaccharides, so in addition to being delicious in recipes, it is also known to have many health benefits including treating depression.

Yes this squid ink is the same ink that they squirt at their attackers in order to escape.

Conservas de Cambados is based in Galicia in Northeast Spain. This is the region of the Arousa Rķa, which is well-known not just for its size, but also for the richness of its marine life.

Ingredients: cuttlefish ink, water, and salt.

3.2 ounce (90 gram) glass jar.

Price: $21.95 Quantity

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