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"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients." ~Julia Child

This week's featured items:

Fig Syrup
Fig Syrup Be the first one to write a review

This Fig Syrup is sweetly delicious. Made with cane sugar and fig, drizzle this syrup in your water, lemonade, or even over vanilla ice cream.

For an adult twist, drizzle this syrup in the bottom of your glass then pour in white wine or champagne, Drink and enjoy!

All of their syrups are sourced from the very best, all-natural, organic ingredients. The base ingredients are then combined with essential oils, pulp and zest of fruit, petals, and spices to give each variety its distinctively delicious flavor.

Best By: 30Aug2026

An 8 ounce bottle

Price: $19.95
On Sale! $16.95

Chili Sauce with Yuzu (Kanzuri)
Chili Sauce with Yuzu (Kanzuri) Be the first one to write a review

This is an exciting chili sauce utilizing spice, bright floral Yuzu citrus, and a hint of yeast to create an inspired and memorable burst of flavors.

Try a squeeze on pork bao buns, fish tacos, or bowl of ramen. Perfect for adding a kick to any dish!

Best By: 25Jan2026

Ingredients: Red chili peppers, yuzu zest, Shio Koji (rice, salt, water, koji), rice vinegar, less than 1/10th of 1% Sodium Benzoate as a preservative, Xantham gum

12 ounce (355 mL) plastic squeeze bottle

Price: $15.95 Quantity

Dashfire Vintage Orange Bourbon Barrel Aged No. 1 Bitters
Dashfire Vintage Orange Bourbon Barrel Aged No. 1 Bitters Be the first one to write a review

Their signature product, Dashfire Vintage Orange Bitters is Minnesota's first (and only) barrel-aged bitters. Fresh orange rind is combined with quality bourbon and select spices, and then aged in a Minnesota-made white oak barrel to incorporate the flavor and sugars of the oak. Perfect for classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds and Manhattans.

One great thing about bitters is that they are great flavorings for sparkling water when you want a non-alcoholic, tasty beverage!

Two ounces can make between 50 and 80 cocktails, so a little goes a long way and the bottle should last months and months and months.

Made in the USA

Ingredients: bourbon, water, fresh orange rind, spices, angelica root

A 50 milliliter (1.7 ounce) bottle.

Price: $18.75
On Sale! $15.99

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