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This week's featured items:

Smoked Sockeye Salmon
Smoked Sockeye Salmon
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Rich smokehouse flavor, brilliant red flesh. The essence of wild Alaska, in one bite.

Sockeye’s brilliant red flesh is the star of the plate, the platter, or your favorite charcuterie board. Eat like the locals do, very simply, on a bed of steamed rice, or mix with mayonnaise and spread on whole-wheat bread for a simple yet filling lunch. Add it to seafood soups and chowders, or a breakfast frittata.

Unlike most smoked salmon being sold, which is cross-cut steaks, bones, spine, and everything else, Wildfish is different, special, in that they are smoking hand-trimmed fillets. This extra attention to detail, this extra time and care, shines through in the final taste and texture. You won't find a better smoked salmon anywhere in the world.

Harvested and hand-packed in Alaska

6 ounce (170 gram) metal can

Price: $19.95
On Sale! $16.95

Tenuta SantIlario 100% TORTIGLIONE Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Tenuta Sant'Ilario 100% TORTIGLIONE Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Tenuta Sant’Ilario is a farm located between the sea and the mountains, and stands on a green hill overlooking the sea. It was founded in 1982 and, although it has grown in technology and manufacturing, it has always remained a small, family run business.

Tortiglione is an ancient heirloom olive variety that is widespread in the areas of Teramo and part of Pescara. The name “tortiglione”, or twisted, comes from its clockwise tortile trunk of the olive trees. The tortiglione olive is not suited to mechanical harvesting, it bruises and tears easily, so it is always harvested by hand. The variety is recognized as Biennial bearing, and thus may not be made in every year. Tortiglione olives are late ripening, providing an oil rich in polyphenols (antioxidants), which indicates high quality. This varietal typically has a spicy flavor profile.

This extra virgin olive oil is 100% Tortiglione.

This is the third time this EVOO has ever been imported to the USA, only 96 bottles. We were lucky enough to be allocated 12. GRAB THEM!

Produced and bottled by Tenuta Sant’Ilario with olives grown, harvested, and pressed at the Tenuta Sant’Ilario Estate in Italy.

400 milliliter (13.5 ounce) ceramic bottles

Price: $69.95
On Sale! $59.95

Workhorse Rye Barrel Aged Spiced Cider Bitters (Limited Edition)
Workhorse Rye Barrel Aged Spiced Cider Bitters (Limited Edition) Be the first one to write a review

These are best in spirit-forward cocktails of almost any kind ranging from the Old Fashioned (you pick the spirit, it will sing) to any aperitif/digestif you can imagine.

The predominant ingredient in these rippin’ bitters extracted from house distilled rye (Willamette, grown by Camas) and red corn (Oaxaca, grown by Masienda) is Newtown Pippin cider apples from 5 Mile Orchard, organically grown 50 miles from the distillery. With the help of their friends, they crushed tons of apples, naturally fermented them into cider and then they blended the cider with a high proof maceration of Cloud Forest Yellow Cardamom, Royal Cinnamon, Ea Sar Peppercorn, Pemba Clove, Eleuthero, Suma, and Gentian.

Super different from any other Apple Bitters on the market: the flavor profile is not based on sweet baking spice/apple pie. Instead, the focus is on exemplifying the flavor profile of this cider apple.

One great thing about bitters is that they are great flavorings for sparkling water when you want a non-alcoholic, tasty beverage!

3.3 ounces can make between 80 and 130 cocktails, so a little goes a long way and the bottle should last months and months and months.

This is released once a year, we were lucky to get 24.
Grab them while you can!

3.3 ounces (note they use a 4 ounce glass bottle so the bottles don't look "topped up" but we guarantee there is at least 3.3 ounces of bitters inside); note some bottles have a cork top as pictured, some have a metal screw top. They make killer products so we are fine with their eccentricities.

Price: $35.98
On Sale! $29.99

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