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We love interacting with our Twitter followers. As many of you know there are also dedicated weekly food themed chats in which we participate as @exceptionalfood . We have decided to create this comprehensive list for everyone's benefit. They are listed in order of occurrence starting with Sunday. Simply login to your Twitter account at the appropriate time (all times listed as Eastern Time) and follow the listed hashtag.

  • #weekendfoodie : every Sunday 11AM
  • #ChampagneChat : every Sunday 3PM
  • #SundaySupper : every Sunday 7PM
  • #FNIChat : every Monday 4PM
  • #Breakfast2Dessert: every Monday 6PM
  • #FoodieChats: every Monday 8PM
  • #GardenChat: every Monday 9PM
  • #PantryChat : every Tuesday 4PM
  • #FoodChat : on the 3rd Tuesday of every month 8PM
  • #HGEatsChat : every Wednesday noon
  • #SommChat : every Wednesday noon
  • #FoodTravelChat: every Wednesday 8PM
  • #GardenParty : every Wednesday 8PM
  • #VeganFoodChat : every Wednesday 8PM
  • #WineChat : every Wednesday 9PM
  • #FoodAllergyChat: every Wednesday at 9PM
  • #LunchWithChefEmily : every 3rd Thursday 2PM
  • #FDBloggers: every Thursday at 3PM
  • #SipWithKaren : every Thursday at 4PM
  • #SpiceChat : on the 1st Thursday of every month 4PM
  • #HerbChat : every Thursday 2PM
  • #BBQchats : every Thursday 8PM
  • #GrillingChats : every Thursday 8PM
  • #SwapNShareSunday : every Saturday 9PM through midnight Sunday

Chats hosted on a particular day, and not on a weekly schedule

Yuzu Rice Vinegar by O
Yuzu Rice Vinegar by O Be the first one to write a review

Yuzu’s sweet and tart flavor was introduced by Japanese immigrants to California decades ago. Yuzu has the sweetness of Meyer Lemon with echoes of lime, tangerine, and pine. We steep the pulp of this delicious citrus in California rice vinegar using Sonoma Oak barrels to age it over time.

O's obsession with quality relies on family tradition, innovative recipes and sourcing premium wines in Napa and Sonoma. O is the leading gourmet, small batch vinegar maker in California.

  • Delicious over cucumbers or sauteed mushrooms with soy sauce and sesame oil.
  • Drizzle over sliced cucumber salad.
  • Splash on sautéed mushroom salad.
  • Pour over yellow-tail sashimi.
  • Mix with soy sauce & a splash of O Blood Orange Olive Oil.
  • Drizzle over hibachi grilled salmon.
  • Serve over radish sprouts, bok choy, or daikon, and sprinkle black sesame seeds on top.
  • Combine 1 cup each sliced apple & celery + 2 Tablespoons dried cherries + 1 teaspoon each Dijon Mustard & Mayo + 1 Tablespooon Yuzu Rice vinegar.

O's products have been featured on The Food Network, Iron Chef, Bravo's Top Chef, ABC Good Morning America, and in Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, The New York Times, Fine Cooking, Cooks Illustrated and Saveur magazines, among many others.

"The O on these terrific oils and vinegars doesn’t stand for Oprah, so I can’t take credit for them, but I can say they’re a delicious gift for friends who like cooking or eating." —Oprah, Oprah Magazine

Gluten free.

Ingredients: california rice vinegar, yuzu

5% acidity

200 milliliter (6.8 fluid ounce) glass bottle

Price: $16.95 Quantity

Matiz Gallego Organic Chestnuts
Matiz Gallego Organic Chestnuts Be the first one to write a review

Chestnuts aren’t just for the holidays anymore! These amazingly sweet and moist organic chestnuts come from ancient groves of trees planted in the Galician region of Northwest Spain. They are purchased from small farmers throughout the region, bringing much needed economic assistance to the rural agricultural community. These organic chestnuts are very nutritious and lower in calories per ounce than other nuts. They are peeled, cooked, and ready to serve. Try them in your stuffing for the holidays, or in soups, casseroles, salads, and desserts all year long. Better yet, keep them in the fridge for a healthy snack!

  • 100% Organic.
  • This product contains no soy, gluten, nuts, dairy, or genetically engineered ingredients.
  • A Rooted Foods Product.

Try them in these recipes:

Ingredients: Organically grown chestnuts.

7 ounce recyclable box

Price: $13.95 Quantity

Paris Pepper Mill - Poppy Red Lacquer (22 cm) (Peugeot)
Paris Pepper Mill - Poppy Red Lacquer (22 cm) (Peugeot) Paris Pepper Mill - Poppy Red Lacquer (22 cm) (Peugeot)
Please click on the product image to read the customer reviews
Average rating:

Paris stands out from the crowd as the flagship model of the Peugeot collection. Its mechanism carries a lifetime guarantee.

  • Material: Wood
  • Mechanism: Manual (top screw adjusts the grind and then you turn the bottom)
  • Type: Pepper mill
  • Size: 22 centimeters (8.6") tall
  • Color: Poppy Red Lacquer

22 centimeter (8.6") tall wood pepper mill (Poppy Red Lacquer)

Price: $50.00 Quantity

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