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We love interacting with our Twitter followers. As many of you know there are also dedicated weekly food themed chats in which we participate as @exceptionalfood . We have decided to create this comprehensive list for everyone's benefit. They are listed in order of occurrence starting with Sunday. Simply login to your Twitter account at the appropriate time (all times listed as Eastern Time) and follow the listed hashtag.

  • #weekendfoodie : every Sunday 11AM
  • #ChampagneChat : every Sunday 3PM
  • #SundaySupper : every Sunday 7PM
  • #FNIChat : every Monday 4PM
  • #Breakfast2Dessert: every Monday 6PM
  • #FoodieChats: every Monday 8PM
  • #GardenChat: every Monday 9PM
  • #PantryChat : every Tuesday 4PM
  • #FoodChat : on the 3rd Tuesday of every month 8PM
  • #HGEatsChat : every Wednesday noon
  • #SommChat : every Wednesday noon
  • #FoodTravelChat: every Wednesday 8PM
  • #GardenParty : every Wednesday 8PM
  • #VeganFoodChat : every Wednesday 8PM
  • #WineChat : every Wednesday 9PM
  • #FoodAllergyChat: every Wednesday at 9PM
  • #LunchWithChefEmily : every 3rd Thursday 2PM
  • #FDBloggers: every Thursday at 3PM
  • #SipWithKaren : every Thursday at 4PM
  • #SpiceChat : on the 1st Thursday of every month 4PM
  • #HerbChat : every Thursday 2PM
  • #BBQchats : every Thursday 8PM
  • #GrillingChats : every Thursday 8PM
  • #SwapNShareSunday : every Saturday 9PM through midnight Sunday

Chats hosted on a particular day, and not on a weekly schedule

Banyuls Vinegar (375mL)
Banyuls Vinegar (375mL) Be the first one to write a review

Banyuls Vinegar (La Cave de l'Abbe Rous) has amazing aromas of walnut, spice cake, beeswax, vanilla, and licorice. Le Vinaigre de Banyuls is a fierce rival to both Italian balsamico and Spanish sherry vinegar.

Its distinct nut-like qualities make it the perfect companion for vinaigrettes made with hazelnut, almond, and walnut oils, or high-quality extra virgin olive oils. And when you're in the mood for something really special... use Le Vinaigre de Banyuls as a marinade for fish or to deglaze the pan after sautéing duck, mushrooms, or even foie gras!

Some other fantastic uses:

  • Make a mignonette sauce for oysters
  • Drizzle on steamed vegetables
  • Splash onto greens
  • Create a pan sauce for roasted poultry
  • Pickle roasted red & yellow peppers
  • Marinate mushrooms
  • Spritz over strawberries
  • Prepare an amazing cole slaw

Aged in oak barrels for 6 years which gives it perfect balance and a wonderful flavor.

Bottled at the estate of Abbe Rous.

6º acidity

375 milliliter (12.7 fluid ounce) glass bottle

Price: $17.95
On Sale! $15.95

Saffron from La Mancha, Spain (Class I)
Saffron from La Mancha - 0.8 grams (Azafrán-Oro) Be the first one to write a review

Our Saffron tested at an incredible UPC of 282.01!!!

Pure Spanish Saffron Threads ISO graded Class I. Rated the Finest in Spain - La Mancha.

La Mancha Spain is famous for the highest quality saffron in the world. This saffron imparts an intense golden yellow color, wonderful flowery aromas, and impressive flavor to all your meals.

Azafrán-Oro, used by the world renowned chef Ferran Adria (el Bulli), regularly tests at over 240 UPC. This pure Spanish saffron is packaged in beautiful recycled glass jars and hand-sealed with wax. It is truly amazing stuff, we've never seen such high quality saffron. This harvest was spectacular in quality.

Although saffron cultivation does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, it is very difficult to certify as organic due to the significant costs to the small farmers who grow it.

Contains no soy, gluten, nuts, dairy, or genetically engineered ingredients.

  • Check out these tips for using saffron!

Some recipes:

0.8 gram beautiful recycled glass jars hand-sealed with wax.

Price: $19.95 Quantity

Black Truffle Butter (Savini)
Black Truffle Butter (Savini) Black Truffle Butter (Savini)
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The Savini family business is world famous for their truffles. Since the 1920s, the family tradition of handcrafted truffle products has passed down over four generations.

The truffles are individually selected by Luciano and Cristiano Savini. They are personally out with the truffle hunters in the heart of Tuscany so they can guarantee the highest quality and ensure the origin of each and every truffle. The production of truffle products, like this exceptional truffle butter, is then carried out using traditional methods and solely at the request of the importer. This guarantees both the freshness of the product and the 'shelf life'. Every jar shows a "best by" date so you know you are getting the freshest butter available. Large visible pieces of real truffle are in every jar.

  • Start your day off with a perfectly cooked egg and some truffle butter.
  • Put it on hot baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, and french fries.
  • Place a spoonful on your hot steak and watch it explode with truffle flavor.
  • A little bit with seared or grilled scallops is otherworldly.
  • Truffle butter for lobster? ABSOLUTELY!
  • Add a heaping teaspoon to your risotto 5 minutes before it is done to make truffle risotto!
  • Toast some bread, spread some truffle butter on it, add a touch of grated parmesan cheese, and serve as an appetizer.
  • Mix together an egg yolk, a teaspoon of truffle butter, copious amounts of grated parmesan cheese, and two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil as a sauce for pasta.
  • Rub it on a hot ear of corn on the cob.
  • Use it as your butter for popcorn... Truffle popcorn!
  • A perfect dipping sauce for a freshly cooked artichoke.

Ingredients: butter, black truffles 5% (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), sunflower oil, salt, pepper.

Milk fat: 76%; Total fat: 95%

Shelf stable. Refrigerate after opening.

80 gram glass jar (2.82 ounces)

Price: $28.79
On Sale! $22.99

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