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This week's featured items: Mina Green Harissa

Mina's Green Harissa, which incorporates green chiles and Moroccan cumin, is an exotic twist on her traditional red harissa.

This carefully blended harissa uses only 7 simple, all natural, ingredients: green chili pepper, green bell pepper, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, cumin, and salt.

Harissa is hailed as the heart and soul of Moroccan cuisine. It is imbued with all the culinary passions of a country and a people, and is the central condiment that sits atop every kitchen table in North Africa. People use it as a spread, a dip, and drizzled on top of nearly every dish. Harissa is the ultimate condiment and sauce that, with its spicy kick, transforms your dishes into a culinary delight.

Appearing on classic and contemporary menus as the star condiment, it goes equally well with New Zealand lamb, Southern barbecued chicken, scallops Provencal, or a vegetable tagine with couscous.

This harissa, unlike so many on the market that are overwhelmingly spicy just to be spicy-hot, is ALL ABOUT FLAVOR, with enough zing to keep it interesting.

All natural ingredients: green chili pepper, green bell pepper, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, cumin & salt.


10 ounce glass jar

Price: $14.95 Quantity
bomba.arroz.500gram.jpg Illa De Riu Bomba Rice (500 gram)

"Used by the most famous Spanish chefs such as Ferran Adria (El Bulli), Arzak, Carme Ruscalle da, Santi Santamaría, Mey Hoffman, Juan Roca, Carles Gaig, Nando Jubany, Xavier Pellicer, Alberto Herraiz (Paris), our Bomba variety caters to consumers demanding high quality and distinction in their dishes” says D. Juan Trias, manager and co-owner of the company.

"Illa de Riu" rice offers a consistent quality because it does not contain a single grain of other varieties and therefore always has the same flavor, the same texture, the same appearance, and thus requires the same cooking time; characteristics welcomed by the most demanding chefs. These chefs demand, and Illa de Riu thus guarantees, the consistency of each and every bag.

Of their annual harvest of approximately 3,400 tonnes of rice from the “Illa de Riu” estate (Ebro Delta), only 18% is Bomba.

The packaging also features a double-sealed interior to ensure the rice is perfect each and every time.

It is for all these reasons that Bomba “Illa de Riu” rice is being increasingly sought after by the best restaurants and specialty shops inside and outside of Spain.

1.1 pound (500 gram; approximately 6.2 cups) double sealed bag

Price: $14.95 Quantity
maldon.smoked.salt.jpg Maldon Smoked Sea Salt (Organic)

Maldon smoked sea salt is pure and unique, made using only traditional natural methods and approved by the Organic Food Federation. Maldon uses traditional smoking methods to gently cold smoke the salt crystals, ensuring a truly exciting taste. Its pronounced and distinctive 'salty' taste, combined with a deliciously subtle smoky flavor, adds sophistication to your favorite dishes. It adds a wonderful extra dimension when seasoning meat, fish, and poultry, and it is great in sauces, salsas, soups, and marinades. This wonderful salt enhances the natural flavors of your dishes.

125 gram (4.4 ounce) box

Price: $7.75 Quantity
gdevoo.jpg Gourmet Delights Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Gourmet Delights Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Average rating:

We are so proud to be able to offer you our own branded extra virgin olive oil. Our goal was simple, to find an amazing extra virgin olive oil from Italy for daily use. We asked for it to be full bodied and delicious. We also asked for a price point below $20.

The wonderful people at Trampetti came through with their leccino/frantoio olive blend. They continued to meet the highest standards, as one would expect from Trampetti, and meet our goals as well.

The Trampetti farm is located in the prestigious Assisi-Spoleto hills of Umbria’s “gold coast” olive zone. There Massimo Sisani, third-generation descendant of Eugenio Trampetti, and Federico Bibi, Umbrian agricultural specialist, dedicate themselves to the production of one of the finest organic extra virgin olive oils in Italy. Same day, state-of-the-art mechanical (vs.chemical extraction which is inferior) processing of early hand picked olives results in an extra virgin olive oil with intense yet harmonious palate.

Trampetti’s high polyphenol levels (indicating quality of fruit) and low free oleic acidity levels (indicating freshness) have perennially put it at the top of all Italian extra virgin oils.

Produced and bottled by Trampetti with olives grown, harvested, and pressed at the Trampetti Estate in Italy.

500 milliliter (16.8 fluid ounce) bottle

Price: $19.85 Quantity
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