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This week's featured item

wmf_truffle_slicer.jpg Adjustable Truffle Slicer (WMF Profi Plus)

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The WMF Truffle Slicer

Turn the incredibly fine adjustment screw, pull the slicer with gentle even pressure over the truffle, and you have perfect slices each and every time.

Tip: Besides being ideal for slicing truffles, it is also great for slicing chocolate.

We also slice radishes, carrots, and similar vegetables.... paper thin!!

WMF "Profi Plus" is a range of more than 100 different kitchen gadgets that meet the highest demands of professional chefs in kitchens worldwide. The heavy design in high-grade Cromargan: 18/10 stainless steel is absolutely stable and durable, watertight, perfectly dishwasher-safe - that is: simply indestructible. The design is both sophisticated and timeless, and fits into every modern kitchen.

Price: $29.95
On Sale! $24.95
quai_sud_demerara_chocolate_sugar.jpg Quai Sud Naturally Flavored Pure Demerara Cane Sugar (Chocolate)
Quai Sud Naturally Flavored Pure Demerara Cane Sugar (Chocolate)
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Add a hint of chocolate to any recipe by using this naturally-flavored sugar instead of white granulated sugar. We love it on sugar cookies, cakes, yogurt, ice cream, crepes, waffles, pancakes, hot chocolate.... make your own mocha by adding some to coffee! You can also use this to rim glasses for your cocktails.

Demerara sugar is a large grain, unrefined sugar made from sugar cane. Minimal processing during production gives this sugar a unique flavor and texture. It is used in baking, and as a sweetener in tea, coffee, and other beverages. The large, crunchy grains, are also perfect sprinkled on top of cookies, oatmeal, and anything else where you want a sweet crunch.

Quai Sud is at the forefront of innovative and sustainable gourmet products and packaging. They offer a variety of quality gourmet products from around the world. Their beautiful eco-friendly packaging is just an indication of the wonderful product inside!

Product of France.

Ingredients: unrefined cane sugar from Reunion, cocoa powder, natural chocolate flavor.

8.81 ounce (250 gram) sealed plastic bag inside a colorful raffia woven bag with wax seal.

Price: $12.95 Quantity
wild_strawberry.jpg Les Confitures à l’Anciennes Wild Strawberry Jam

Les Confitures à l’Anciennes Andresy (old fashioned jams) are cooked in copper basins with whole selected fruits, cane sugar, and lemon juice to refine when necessary. No preservatives, coloring agents or artificial flavors... All natural!

Enjoy this jam on thumbprint cookies, toast, and pastries.

Ingredients: fruits (strawberries, wild strawberries), cane sugar, fruits pectin, concentrated lemon juice.

Refrigerate after opening.

9.52 ounce glass jar

Price: $8.49 Quantity
marino.evoo.jpg Marino Novello Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2013 (Sicily, Italy)

Made in the prestigious Monte Iblei zone of southeastern Sicily, Marino's Novello Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains 100% Tonda Iblea olives. Early harvested, and 100% organic, this hand-harvested EVOO is made in small quantities. We only get 24 bottles a year!

The annual tasting of freshly pressed olive oil is a generations old tradition in Italy. Green olives are harvested in late December, just in time for the holidays. Unlike other olive oils, these novello (meaning new or fresh in Southern Italy; in Northern Italy they use the term nuovo) extra virgin olive oils do not spend any time in a settling tank, yielding an unfiltered and zesty olive oil. One must taste these truly fresh extra virgin olive oils and experience their fabulous vibrancy in order to understand why food loving Italians look forward to the yearly novello release!

This very special EVOO has earned the Marino family an outstanding rating by the 2010 Slow Food Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

The olives are grown and harvested at Marino's estate in Italy.

500 milliliter (16.8 fluid ounce) glass bottles

Price: $32.95 Quantity
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