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This week's featured items:

wmf_vino_foil_cutter.jpg Vino Foil Cutter (WMF)
Vino Foil Cutter (WMF)
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The WMF Vino Foil Cutter.

Are you tired of cutting the capsule off a wine bottle with a knife?? Have you had plastic foil cutters break on you?? This foil cutter creates perfect, elegantly cut wine capsules each and every time.

The Chromium-plated cast metal is a beautiful, sophisticated design that fits into every kitchen.

Mine has lasted forever! It may be the last foil cutter I ever need to buy!

Price: $27.95
On Sale! $22.50
cluizel_66_percent_organic_chocolate.jpg Cluizel Mokaya 66% Dark Chocolate Bar (Organic)
Cluizel Mokaya 66% Dark Chocolate Bar (Organic)
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This plantation located in the Chiapas region of Mexico perpetuates the local, century-old chocolate tradition. This chocolate bursts with powerful notes of cocoa and fruit flavors.

This chocolate is so smooth, we recommend you take a piece and, instead of chewing, just let it melt in your mouth. It is a flavor and texture experience unlike any other chocolate you have ever had!


70 gram (2.47 ounce) chocolate bar

Price: $9.95 Quantity
canena_smoked_arbequina_evoo.jpg Castillo de Canena Cold Smoked Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Castillo de Canena estate has produced exceptional extra virgin olive oils in the Guadalquivir Valley of Andalusia in the south of Spain since 1780. This exceptional smoked oil is artisanally crafted by slowly infusing their high quality, hand-harvested, Castillo Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil with naturally produced smoke from a mix of organic oak, beech, and birch woods. When you open the bottle you will smell, and taste, exquisitely smoked Arbequina with undertones of caramel, vanilla, and toffee. This unique oil is divine on its own, or you can pair it with your favorite recipes to add a smoky component to your dressings, marinades, and final dishes.

  • Brush it on bread, or just dip the bread right in.
  • Drizzle it on:
    • Vegetables.
    • Seafood, poultry, and meats.
    • Soup.
  • Use it to make a smoky hummus.
  • Pair it with your favorite vinegar for a smoky, delicious dressing or marinade.

In order to produce this wonderful, exquisite, cutting-edge cold smoked extra virgin olive oil, Castillo de Canena designed a unique process. Their burner allows the wood chips to slowly smolder. The smoke is then cooled, and passed through a water filter. They then slowly, over the course of 6 hours, release the cold smoke into the bottom of the tank which holds the Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This artisanal process naturally imparts the smoky flavor and aroma into the oil.

  • Special blue bottles protect the extra virgin olive oil from harmful light.
  • No preservatives or artificial flavors.
  • This product is produced free of gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, and genetically engineered ingredients.

250 milliliter (8.4 fluid ounce)

Price: $25.00 Quantity
octopus_olive_oil_conservas_cambados_pulpo.jpg Pulpo - Octopus in Olive Oil (Conservas de Cambados)

This delicate, carefully selected octopus is uniformly portioned and slow-cooked in a rich broth until tender. It is then packed by hand in high quality olive oil.

Conservas de Cambados is based in Galicia in Northeast Spain. This is the region of the Arousa Ría, which is well-known not just for its size, but also for the richness of its marine life.

Pulperias, restaurants that specialize in octopus, are in every Spanish village. Conservas Cambados has packaged the wonderful experience of the perfect octopus so you can experience it in your own homes. Enjoy!

  • Open the can and enjoy!
  • Place on crackers or sliced baguette for a wonderful, easy appetizer.
  • Toss with freshly cooked pasta!
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Natural
  • No additives or preservatives

Ingredients: Octopus (Octopus vulgaris), olive oil, and salt.

4 ounces (111 grams) in a metal tin

Price: $11.95 Quantity
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