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This week's featured items:

Ortiz Bonito del Norte Ventresca White Tuna Belly
Ortiz Bonito del Norte "Ventresca" White Tuna Belly Ortiz Bonito del Norte "Ventresca" White Tuna Belly
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Saveur Magazine said Bonito tuna is "one of the great gastronomic pleasures of every day life."

The belly or "Ventresca" of the Bonito del Norte Tuna is the softest and most delicate part of the fish. It presents a much lighter and sweeter palate than the rest of the flesh of the fish, and is considered an exquisite delicacy.

Bonito del Norte is found in the coastal waters of the Bay of Biscay in the Basque region of Spain during the summer season when they come north to dine on the Cantabrian Anchovy. The Bonito del Norte is the most valued member of the tuna family, highly appreciated for its white flesh, exquisite flavor, and delicate texture. This Ortiz specialty is fished using artisanal fishing techniques with the philosophy that we must preserve our earth and its resources. Each tuna is individually line caught and not netted. They are fully dolphin safe.

Within 24 hours of being caught,the best belly fillets are selected, cooked in seawater, and then hand-packed in olive oil to keep them moist and flavorful.

We use it for:

We know you'll agree, this is very special tuna indeed.

Meet the producer Conservas Ortiz.

110 gram (3.88 ounce) metal tin in a cardboard box

Price: $23.95
On Sale! $19.95

Mannucci Droandi Organic DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mannucci Droandi Organic DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mannucci Droandi Organic DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Chianti Classico in the heart of Tuscany is the location for olive oil purists. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Tuscany have been synonymous for centuries.

Mannucci-Droandi is a true visionary, and Tuscan through and through. He is the originator of the organic revolution in this area. He is not only the reigning olive oil champion, but is one of the few truly organic top tier producers. Mannucci-Droandi is the leader in aroma and flavor in this part of the world. This organic extra virgin olive oil is thick and fruity with an intensity unmatched by anyone.

This Mannucci-Droandi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an extremely low free oleic acid content and a high level of polyphenols, earning it a place among the best extra virgin olive oils in Italy. Mannucci-Droandi is one of the few oils in its zone, and the country, to be both organic and have the coveted D.O.P. (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) certification.

It is an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil.

One of the hardest Extra Virgin Olive Oils to obtain, only 3,000 bottles were made, this is Mannucci-Droandi's top of the line.

Vintage Dated

  • Selected as one of the top 3 Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the Chianti Classico zone.
  • Featured in Marco Oreggia’s Guide to Italy's Top Extra Virgin Olive Oils.
  • Featured in the Slow Food Guide to Italian E.V.O.O.
  • USDA Organic.

Produced and bottled by Mannucci-Droandi with olives grown, harvested, and pressed at the Mannucci-Droandi Estate in Italy.

500 milliliter (16.8 ounce) bottles

Price: $44.95
On Sale! $38.95

WuWanWo Soy Sauce (Harmonious)
WuWanWo Soy Sauce (Harmonious) Be the first one to write a review

WuWanWo means "forget me not", an apt name for a product with unique origins and an unforgettable flavor. WuWanWo is a collaborative effort between Piranske Soline and Taiwanese soy sauce makers. They weave their centuries-old traditions together to create a soy sauce with a sweet, oceanic aroma, and meaty taste.

This precious sauce is produced using only indigenous black soybeans, Piranske Soline sea salt from the Piran Salt Pans in Slovenia (a very famous salt source), brown sugar, and natural seasonings. This soy sauce is produced with absolutely no preservatives and it uses all non-GMO ingredients. Its balanced yet complex flavor is achieved through natural fermentation in traditional terra cotta pots for 180 days. The sauce is simply extracted from the pots and bottled.

It is an excellent umami foundation for marinades and salad dressings, and it elevates sashimi, sushi, spring rolls, tempura, dumplings and other light dishes to new heights your taste buds have never imagined.

This "Harmonious" soy sauce is characterized by a balanced, meaty flavor. Try it with sashimi, sushi, spring rolls, tempura, or dumplings, in marinades and salad dressings, and other light dishes.

This was featured in "The Rosengarten Report" where he said:

" is extraordinary! Also made with non-GMO black soybeans, no wheat, and a 180-day fermentation, it is simply one of the most complex soy sauces I’ve ever tasted. The flavors are umami from not just Slovenia, but maybe even Mars (including an incredible blast of mushroom-like intensity). It’s very, very salty (as if to emphasize the Slovenian connection), but it finishes in the mouth with a lovely roundness. I love it for crudo: I buy me some very fresh fish, slice it sashimi-style, and gloss it lightly with Hei-Jin and extra virgin olive oil. Of course, feel free to use it in high-level Chinese and Japanese cooking as well.”

  • Gluten Free
  • No coloring
  • No preservatives

250 milliliter glass bottle

Price: $56.25
On Sale! $50.00

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