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The items listed on this page are ones we are phasing out.

First there is NOTHING wrong with these products. So why does a product end up here? A few reasons:

  • We can no longer get it. Either the company went out of business, our importer can no longer get it, or for some other reason it is no longer available.
  • Our minimum order changed and we no longer like the new terms. For example, if we were ordering by the case, and now our supplier wants a 10 case minimum order, we probably will not continue to carry it.
  • A label is damaged. Yes it happens. The product inside is perfect, but the label is not "perfect". Maybe the label is scratched, torn, or an adjacent bottle broke and stained the label. We will of course continue to carry that product, but if you are OK with a damaged label, then you can benefit from the discount here. We will tell you about the label in the product description if there is an imperfection so you know ahead of time.
  • Our supplier gave us an incredible deal on a large number of items, so we bought a huge quantity, and we want to keep our inventory moving so things stay fresh on our shelves, and yours.

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