Bonito Tuna "Ventresca" White Tuna Belly

Bonito Tuna Ventresca White Tuna Belly
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Made famous in the U.S. by a 2008 episode of No Reservations when the late Anthony Bourdain led viewers into a tiny, Catalonian tavern known for tempting travelers with tins of seafood fetching upwards of €160 apiece, Espinaler is a name synonymous with history, tradition, and taste.

Saveur Magazine said Bonito tuna is "one of the great gastronomic pleasures of every day life."

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Ingredients: white tuna belly (fish) (Thunnus alalunga) 72%, olive oil (18%), salt.

112 gram (4 ounce) metal tin in a cardboard box

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Never stay home without it! 09/09/2013
By Patrizia Antonicelli
Open the can and eat it, it's superb! Don't chop it up too fine as you can't feel how good it is. In salads, maybe with a hard boiled egg, is fabulous. It's the best quality one can find.