WuWanWo Soy Sauce (Harmonious)

WuWanWo Soy Sauce (Harmonious)
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This precious sauce is produced using only indigenous black soybeans, Piranske Soline sea salt from the Piran Salt Pans in Slovenia (a very famous salt source), brown sugar, and natural seasonings. This soy sauce is produced with absolutely no preservatives and it uses all non-GMO ingredients. Its balanced yet complex flavor is achieved through natural fermentation in traditional terra cotta pots for 180 days. The sauce is simply extracted from the pots and bottled.

It is an excellent umami foundation for marinades and salad dressings, and it elevates sashimi, sushi, spring rolls, tempura, dumplings and other light dishes to new heights your taste buds have never imagined.

This "Harmonious" soy sauce is characterized by a balanced, meaty flavor. Try it with sashimi, sushi, spring rolls, tempura, or dumplings, in marinades and salad dressings, and other light dishes.

This was featured in "The Rosengarten Report" where he said:

"...it is extraordinary! Also made with non-GMO black soybeans, no wheat, and a 180-day fermentation, it is simply one of the most complex soy sauces Iíve ever tasted. The flavors are umami from not just Slovenia, but maybe even Mars (including an incredible blast of mushroom-like intensity). Itís very, very salty (as if to emphasize the Slovenian connection), but it finishes in the mouth with a lovely roundness. I love it for crudo: I buy me some very fresh fish, slice it sashimi-style, and gloss it lightly with Hei-Jin and extra virgin olive oil. Of course, feel free to use it in high-level Chinese and Japanese cooking as well.Ē

  • Gluten Free
  • No coloring
  • No preservatives

250 milliliter glass bottle

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