Workhorse Rye Barrel Aged Spiced Cider Bitters (Limited Edition)

Workhorse Rye Barrel Aged Spiced Cider Bitters (Limited Edition)
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There are artisans and then there is Rob Easter of Workhorse Rye. For his bitters, Rob distills his own spirits from regeneratively grown heirloom grains. Let us say that again. He distills his own spirits from regeneratively grown heirloom grains to use as the base for his bitters! Not a drop of Everclear in sight!

As you can imagine, Workhorse Rye bitters offer an unbelievable extra layer of complexity, flavor, and texture that hit every note when combined with his precise usage of prime ingredients and botanicals.

These are best in spirit-forward cocktails of almost any kind ranging from the Old Fashioned (you pick the spirit, it will sing) to any aperitif/digestif you can imagine.

The predominant ingredient in these rippin’ bitters extracted from house distilled rye (Willamette, grown by Camas) and red corn (Oaxaca, grown by Masienda) is Newtown Pippin cider apples from 5 Mile Orchard, organically grown 50 miles from the distillery. With the help of their friends, they crushed tons of apples and naturally fermented them into cider and then they blended the cider with a high proof maceration of spices and roots.

Super different from any other Apple Bitters on the market: the flavor profile is not based on sweet baking spice/apple pie. Instead, the focus is on exemplifying the flavor profile of this cider apple.

One great thing about bitters is that they are great flavorings for sparkling water when you want a non-alcoholic, tasty beverage!

3.3 ounces can make between 80 and 130 cocktails, so a little goes a long way and the bottle should last months and months and months.

This is released once a year, we were lucky to get 24.
Grab them while you can!


  • FRUITS: Newtown Pippin Apples from Five Mile Orchard [in both naturally fermented cider and vinegar forms], D'Anjou Pears from Mt. Hood Organic Farm, Opuntia Tunas [Prickly Pear] foraged on private land in Baja, Arizona.
  • SPICES: Cloud Forest Yellow Cardamom, Royal Cinnamon, Ea Sar Peppercorn, Pemba Clove, internationally sourced transparently & equitably by Burlap & Barrel, Chiltepin grown by the distiller in Baja,Arizona
  • ROOTS: Eleuthero, Suma, Gentian from Lhasa Karnak Herbs
  • SPIRITS: Camas Rye and Ute Blue Corn
  • AGED: Whiskey Del Bac used oak cask
  • NO water, colors, or sugar added

3.3 ounces (note they use a 4 ounce glass bottle so the bottles don't look "topped up" but we guarantee there is at least 3.3 ounces of bitters inside); note some bottles have a cork top as pictured, some have a metal screw top. They make killer products so we are fine with their eccentricities.

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