White Clams 6/8 (Espinaler)

White Clams 6/8 (Espinaler)
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The Spanish believe canned seafood is a delicacy to be shared and enjoyed! They take great pride, and great care, to harvest the best seafood and package it with the utmost care. The result is the purest, most delicate, and exquisite tasting seafood on the planet! A true delicacy.

White clams are fished in Galician estuaries during October, November, and December. It´s called “The Queen” because of its texture and flavor.

This is Espinaler's "Premium Line" and these fantastic clams are mind blowing good!

Each family lays claim to a 100 square foot section of sand and seeds the area with baby clams. These nurseries, known as "bateas", are very valuable and respected.

Ingredients: Clams from Galicia, water and salt

4.2 ounces (120 grams) in a metal tin. 6-8 per tin.

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