Tenuta Sant'Ilario 100% TORTIGLIONE Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tenuta SantIlario 100% TORTIGLIONE Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Owned by Laila Colanecco and her husband Roberto, and located along the beautiful Adriatic Coast in the town of Pineto (Province of Teramo). They have dedicated themselves to producing prize-winning olive oils. Their production is done with care for small markets throughout Europe and now the USA.

Tenuta Sant’Ilario is a farm located between the sea and the mountains, and stands on a green hill overlooking the sea. It was founded in 1982 and, although it has grown in technology and manufacturing, it has always remained a small, family run business.

Tortiglione is an ancient heirloom olive variety that is widespread in the areas of Teramo and part of Pescara. The name “tortiglione”, or twisted, comes from its clockwise tortile trunk of the olive trees. The tortiglione olive is not suited to mechanical harvesting, it bruises and tears easily, so it is always harvested by hand. The variety is recognized as Biennial bearing, and thus may not be made in every year. Tortiglione olives are late ripening, providing an oil rich in polyphenols (antioxidants), which indicates high quality. This varietal typically has a spicy flavor profile.

This extra virgin olive oil is 100% Tortiglione

96 bottles came into the USA. We were lucky enough to be allocated 12. GRAB THEM!

Produced and bottled by Tenuta Sant’Ilario with olives grown, harvested, and pressed at the Tenuta Sant’Ilario Estate in Italy.

400 milliliter (13.5 ounce) ceramic bottles

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Delish! 12/24/2020
By Lili Pierrepont
Love this olive oil! Exquisite flavor, beautifully presented. A tasty jewel for the kitchen or table. So glad I splurged! Wonderful and very personalized service from Gourmet Delights as well. I’ll definitely explore more offerings.
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Fantastic 02/03/2022
By Karen Frederick
This olive oil is definitely one to savor. It's quite the exceptional olive oil that is so its even tempting to drink it. I'm glad that I've purchased extra.
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Some of the best Olive Oil 09/11/2021
By Sean R
Very glad we purchased this. very lively, spicy, green. perfect for any foodies kitchen, let me rephrase that, it's a must for every foodie kitchen.