Tomato Ponzu with Shiro Shoyu (Yakami Orchards)

Tomato Ponzu with Shiro Shoyu (Yakami Orchards)
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Yakami Orchards is located in the Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan, a blissfully serene place known for breezy ocean air and Japan's finest citrus.


This is a classic Ponzu, made with the finest ingredients in the Kyoto tradition.

Earthy tomato broth, fresh Sudachi lime juice and zest, Takuko Tamari, Cedar Aged Rice Vinegar, Mirin (sweet sake), Bonito (shaved, dried tuna), and Kombu Seaweed are skillfully blended to create this magic elixir.

Works beautifully with brunch cocktails, fish & shellfish, salads & vegetables, dumplings, and marinades. A must for all Japanese Cuisine enthusiasts.


Refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients imported from Japan, bottled in the USA.

Allergen information: contains wheat, soy,and fish

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Ingredients: Cedar Aged Rice Vinegar, tomato, Salted Mirin (Sake, Sugar, Water, Salt, Yeast Extract) (Alcohol 8% by volume, Salt 1.5% weight by volume), Water, White Shoyu (Water, Wheat, Sea Salt, Fermented Alcohol, Soybeans), Sudachi Juice, Sudachi Zest, Bonito, Kombu Seaweed.

375 milliliter (12 ounce) glass bottle

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