Smoked Herring

Smoked Herring
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Wildfish proudly uses only wild-caught, sustainable, Alaska seafood harvested by the fishermen and divers from Alaska's responsibly-managed, community-based fisheries—our friends and neighbors.

Processing by hand ensures that what's inside every golden tin meets the standards of our craft, and our commitment to that craft means that all of the processing for our seafood is done in-house. We are the go-to custom smokery and cannery for the island's subsistence fishermen. To put it simply, we know how the locals want to eat it.

We have spent more than 35 years carrying on the craft and time-honored traditions of the region in the small seaside town of Klawock, home to Alaska’s very first salmon cannery more than a century ago. Klawock, located on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska, has a population of just 796, most of whom consider fishing an essential part of life.

Wildfish was founded in 1987 by Phyllis Meuller, the local school bookkeeper who saw the community's need for custom seafood processing. Today, the reigns are held by Phyllis's grandson, Chef Mathew Scaletta, who is dedicated to melding his fine-dining background (honed in foodie paradise Portland, Oregon) with his family’s craft. So three generations in and we're still here, taking the best of our traditions and adding a "new school" touch. The exploration and excellence never stops.

Smoked herring delivers robust, savory flavor with a rich dose of umami and smoke. Herring is a smaller fish, and after smoking over Alderwood, the skin turns slightly crisp, and the flesh transforms into a rich mahogany brown. The result is a tin of tempting bite-sized morsels that look beautiful right out of the tin or in a pasta dish.

We source our herring from the pure, remote waters of Western Alaska where the fishery is managed sustainably and provides economic support for residents of the remote village of Togiak, Alaska (population 857).

Harvested and hand-packed in Alaska

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Ingredients: Herring, salt, pure cane sugar, garlic, black pepper, all-natural wood smoke

6 ounce (170 gram) metal can

Price: $11.95 Quantity
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