Extra Virgin Sesame Oil (Chosen Foods)

Extra Virgin Sesame Oil (Chosen Foods)
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Chosen Foods Extra Virgin Sesame Oil is cold pressed using high-quality sesame seeds. This cold press processing preserves most of the nutrients found in raw sesame seeds, as well as preserves the unique flavor profile we love in sesame seeds.

Cold pressed, unrefined sesame oil adds authentic mild flavor to Asian dishes, but it doesn't simply stop there. The health benefits of extra virgin sesame oil dates back centuries, attributed to its powerful antioxidants sesamol and sesamin.

This is a perfect finishing oil that you should add to your dish after the heat has been turned off. It is ideal for drizzling over your stir-fry, adding to soups or salad dressings, tossing with cooked vegetables, and adding flavor to pasta dishes.

This product is produced in a facility not contaminated with peanuts, tree nuts, or gluten and should be considered safe for people with those allergies

Ingredients: Sesame oil

250 milliliter (8.4 fluid ounce) bottle

Price: $12.85 Quantity
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