Handmade Brittle Torrone in Red Tin (Scaldaferro)

Handmade Brittle Torrone in Red Tin (Scaldaferro)
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We get it in again in November 2023, it sells out by Christmas.
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Honey and sugar are cooked in a bain-marie in order to maintain the perfect temperature, and thus preserve the delicate aromas. This mixture is then added to whipped egg whites that, in contact with the hot dough, swell to become a soft, white cloud.

Instead of being sold in bars, it is manually portioned into small balls. This keeps the torrone soft; it is neither rolled or pressed so the tiny bubbles of air remain. This is a distinguishing characteristic of Scaldaferro which separates them from the industrial, rolled and pressed (i.e. all the light bubbles are destroyed), torrones on the market. For the same weight, you will see larger pieces, up to 4 times bigger, due to the incorporated bubbles.

This torrone does not contain any preservatives, coloring agents, or additives.

We only get 24 tins a year, grab them while you can!

Ingredients: ALMONDS, honey, granulated sugar, glucose syrup, egg white, vanilla, wafer (potato starch, water).

It does not contain preservatives, dyes, flavors. Gluten free product. It may contain traces of other nuts in shell.

Note they pour the hot nougat directly into the tins onto EDIBLE paper (a.k.a. wafer). So you can peel the paper off, or you can just eat it "As is".

12.3 ounce (350 gram) red metal tin

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Immediate reorder 12/05/2022
By DrAnne
Ordered Thursday, arrived Saturday. Wow that was fast! Opened the tin, double wow! I immediately ordered two more. Yes it is that good!!