Roasted Shishito Sauce (Kanzuri)

Roasted Shishito Sauce (Kanzuri)
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An inspiring Japanese style chili sauce that highlights roasted shishito peppers, garlic, and Shio Koji.

Inoculated rice, salt, and water ferment to produce a burst of umami that keen chefs are using to impart memorable flavors into their menus.

Pickled chili pepper mash, roasted shishito peppers, yuzu zest, and garlic are combined with the shio koji and the result is an exciting condiment that captures spice, a touch of smoke, the zip of garlic, floral citrus, and a hint of yeast.

We love this on seared scallops, pork and chicken skewers, and chicken wings. A few drops on pot stickers really adds some extra pizazz, and of course a drizzle in a bowl of Pho is other worldly.

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Ingredients: Green chili peppers, roasted poblano peppers, shio koji (rice, salt, water, koji), roasted shishito peppers, garlic, yuzu zest, rice vinegar, less than 1/10th of 1% sodium benzoate as a preservative, xanthan gum

12 ounce (355 mL) plastic squeeze bottle

Price: $15.95 Quantity
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