Tuscan Artichoke Hearts: Organic (Radici)

Tuscan Artichoke Hearts Organic (Radici)
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In the beautiful Tuscan hamlet of Loro Ciuffenna, Sandra Masi, Viviano Venturi, and their small, skilled crew produce an amazing variety of organic products. Their focus is on regional, traditionally-inspired dishes created from local recipes and containing heirloom cultivars. Their 100% organic product line is internationally acclaimed. All Radici products are known for pure, focused flavors that elevate any home-cooked meal to restaurant quality.

Radici of Tuscany's Organic Artichoke hearts are packed in extra virgin olive oil with a hint of seasonings. Called Carciofi in Italian, these tender organic artichoke hearts are irresistible.

  • Eat them right out of the jar, they are that good!
  • Ideal in vegetarian carpaccio
  • Perfect in a panini
  • Amazing in salads
  • Fabulous in caponata
  • Delicious in paella
  • Incredible on homemade pizza
  • Fantastic in risotto
  • Wonderful alongside pancetta as part of your next gnocchi creation

Everyone who tries these organic artichokes says the same thing, "these are the best artichokes I have ever had!".

We wholeheartedly agree.

And remember to save the extra virgin olive oil for drizzling on bread, or for your favorite salad dressings!

Certified organic.

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Ingredients: Artichokes, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt, spices.

9.9 ounce (280 gram) jar

Price: $19.95 Quantity
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Radici Artichoke Hearts 01/19/2013
By Tom
The Radici artichoke hearts are amazingly and streaks ahead of what you find in grocery stores. When I cook with them, the oil in which theyare bottled is also wonderful for cooking the accompanying meat.
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The BEST 04/09/2013
By JScott
I buy 6 jars at a time and always come running back for more. They are the best, most incredible, fabulously delicious artichokes I have ever eaten!! Mind blowing.
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Mouthwatering 02/15/2013
By MaryP
Incredible, flavorful, tender, mouthwatering. I eat them straight out of the jar, and put them on salads. Plus the extra virgin olive oil is perfect for marinades and salad dressings so nothing goes to waste!
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Mouthwatering 11/08/2014
By CristyV
I just tried your artichokes in olive oil on a Panini! They are mouthwatering... like butter. YUM! Truly the best I have ever had!