Dazero NOVELLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250mL) (Tenuta Sant'Ilario)

Dazero NOVELLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250mL) (Tenuta SantIlario)
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A true Novello, just picked, bottled, and FedExed from Italy to us here in the USA just in time for the holidays!

It was literally an olive, on an olive tree in Italy, 3 weeks ago.. remarkable!

The annual tasting of freshly pressed olive oil is a generations old tradition in Italy. One must taste these truly fresh extra virgin olive oils and experience their fabulous vibrancy in order to understand why food loving Italians look forward to the yearly olive oil release!

40% Leccino, 30% Frantoio, 20% Tortiglione, 10% Dritta olives

This dark green extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered.

We were only allocated 12 bottles, when they are gone, they are gone!

Best By: 31March2025

Produced and bottled by Tenuta Sant’Ilario with olives grown, harvested, and pressed at their estate in Abruzzo, Italy.

250 milliliter (8.45 fluid ounce) glass bottles

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Amazing fresh olive oil 01/13/2024
By Redstucco
This olive oil is a beautiful green color, with the mild, luscious flavor of its mix of olive varieties. I'm not a fan of the sharp, peppery flavor that shows up in many olive oils, so this smooth taste is a delight! I'm hypnotized by seeing the thick green oil pour across a simple salad. Ordering more, if there is more!!