Pink Scallops

Pink Scallops
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By far Wildfish's simplest product. Nothing but a pinch of raw sea salt is added to these naturally briny beauties, so you can savor the pleasant and pure unadulterated taste of each petit pink scallop. Like oysters and littleneck clams, pink sea scallops are traditionally eaten whole, so they've chosen to honor that tradition by preserving them whole in the tin!

WildFish suggests you purchase one tin to eat very simply, straight from the tin and get intimate with the rich, varied flavor of every part and piece. If you're lucky enough to have another tin on hand, definitely try with pasta.

Wildfish proudly uses only wild-caught, sustainable, Alaska seafood harvested by the fishermen and divers from Alaska's responsibly-managed, community-based fisheries—our friends and neighbors.

Processing by hand ensures that what's inside every golden tin meets the standards of our craft, and our commitment to that craft means that all of the processing for our seafood is done in-house. We've been the go-to custom smokery and cannery for the island's subsistence fishermen. To put it simply, we know how the locals want to eat it.

Pacific pink scallops in Southeast Alaska are pretty special and are typically eaten whole, like a clam or oyster. Their shells come in a huge range of colors, from bright orange, to deep purple, to camouflaged gray.

Since the whole scallop is tested for biotoxins, the entire thing can be eaten, and because they live on steep, rocky shorelines, rather than sandy flats, they don’t have any grit in their digestive systems.

Everybody wins when people eat more shellfish! Bivalves are one of the most environmentally efficient food sources on the planet. Promoting greater consumption, even if that means starting with an unusual product in a niche market.

There’s a lot more flavor in these scallops than you’d find in a typical East Coast bay or sea scallop. They’re not as sweet, and they have a briny, nutty flavor.

Diver-harvested by hand in Sitka, Alaska, and flown fresh and alive to our craft cannery in Klawock.

Ingredients: Pink scallops, salt

6 ounce (170 gram) metal can

Price: $46.95
On Sale! $39.95
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