Mina Green Harissa

Mina Green Harissa
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Mina grew up on the wave crashing shores of Casablanca where a morning promenade between the white walls of this majestic city was a culinary journey onto itself. When the salty air would breeze through the narrow streets of the city, every kitchen window produced some of the most beautiful aromas from recipes passed down from one generation to the next over centuries.

Mina first learned the art of cooking from her dear mother; at 16 she tasted her next door neighbor’s homemade Harissa and fell in love with it. From a thick spreadable consistency Mina played with the recipe until she made it exactly hers. She added extra virgin olive oil, a touch of vinegar, and some garlic to the pepper base that gives the sauce its unique tangy-hot flavor profile.

Mina Harissa is the ultimate green pepper condiment and sauce that, with its spicy kick, transforms your dishes into a culinary delight.

This harissa, unlike so many on the market that are overwhelmingly spicy just to be spicy-hot, is ALL ABOUT FLAVOR, with enough zing to keep it interesting.

  • Sauce: Steak, lamb, poultry, grilled fish, eggs, vegetables, or pasta.
  • Dip: A side dip for chips, bread, ribs, BBQ chicken, or wings.
  • Spread: On a burger, a sandwich, a pizza, or panini.

All natural ingredients: green chili pepper, green bell pepper, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, cumin & salt.


10 ounce glass jar

Price: $14.95 Quantity
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