Leaf Lard (FatWorks)

Leaf Lard (FatWorks)
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This is quite possibly the finest lard available. It is rendered from the the prized "leaf" (internal fat which contains no meat muscle) which makes it less "porky" tasting than regular lard. This is a result of the fact that there is no meat muscle in the leaf and therefore you get a very mild flavor. This amazing lard is delicate, light, and mild tasting. Bakers have cherished Leaf Lard because it creates the best crusts and cakes while not imparting any flavor of its own. Leaf Lard also has a high smoke point (375F), making it perfect for frying and sauteing, especially when you want the natural flavors of your ingredients to shine. Fat Works Pure Premium Pasture Raised Leaf Lard is essential for anyone interested in cooking with traditional fat. Take a bite of what you make with it and you'll easily understand why we love having it in our own kitchens!

We ONLY source our pork, beef, lamb, and buffalo from pasture raised farms and we receive affidavits from each farm stating that they are pasture raised.

Fatworks' fats can have seasonal color variations. Since the seasonal changes effect pasture raised animals our fats color can change from batch to batch, and separation is normal in summer. This is nothing to be alarmed about and in fact we embrace these seasonal differences. Our products are not bleached or hydrogenated. We have added Organic Rosemary extract to our Poultry Fat and Lards. This adds a slight, very slight, and pleasant rosemary taste, but the reason we add it is because rosemary is a natural antioxidant and it thus helps keep your fat fresher.

Finally, we wanted to remind you that our fats are robust and can be reused several times if properly filtered. We recommend unbleached coffee filters!

Shelf stable at room temperature.

100% Pasture Raised Pigs

Ingredients: Pasture Raised Pork Fat, Organic Rosemary Extract

14 ounce (396 gram) glass jar

Price: $19.95 Quantity
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