Lamb Tallow (FatWorks)

Lamb Tallow (FatWorks)
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We proudly announce our 100% Grass Fed, Pasture Raised Lamb Tallow. If you don't know about Lamb Tallow keep reading as this is one baa-d tallow. Some people find that lamb, in general, has a flavor that many in the west find a bit bit overpowering. But when it comes to the tallow itself, there is very little "gaminess" and it is in fact a traditional fat with a very subtle, mild (and did we mention delicious) flavor, making it ideal for sauteing your favorite leafy greens, roasting vegetables, and pan frying any and all meat. Lamb Tallow adds a piquant depth to soups and stews and of course, let us never forget the amazing and spudtacular things tallow can do to a potato! In fact, any root vegetable will roast or fry beautifully with Lamb Tallow. It would be easy to go the "meat and potatoes" route, however, if you are up for a little culinary adventure we suggest baking with Lamb Tallow, only because it makes for some of the most delicious, savory pies! And we didn't even mention the whole new world of Middle Eastern cuisine that is just a jar away with Lamb Tallow. (This beloved tallow is even used as a secret ingredient in traditional baklava recipes.)

Tallow is really as versatile as you make it. It is even used to make great lotions and soap.

ALL Fatworks fats, lard, and tallow are pasture raised. Even if the jar does not say "pastured raised" it IS pasture raised fat from a pasture raised farm. We ONLY source our pork and beef, lamb, and buffalo from pasture raised farms and we receive affidavits from each farm stating that they are pasture raised. Due to the confusing, time consuming, expensive and, for them, often unnecessary step of submitting claims to the USDA, some of our pasture raised farms can not, or do not wish to, engage in the pasture raised claiming process. Some do. Therefore even though all our fat is from Pasture Raised farms some of the jars will not have the Pasture Raised claim and some will, but, and we can't stress this enough, the quality of ALL our fat is the same in that it is from pasture raised farms. Again we support FARMS not the USDA.

Fatworks' fats can have seasonal color variations. Since the seasonal changes effect pasture raised animals our fats color can change from batch to batch and separation is normal in summer. This is nothing to be alarmed about and in fact we embrace these seasonal differences. We do no bleaching or hydrogenation.

Also, we wanted to remind you that our fats are very robust and can be reused several times if properly filtered. We recommend unbleached coffee filters!

Shelf stable at room temperature.

Ingredients: 100% Grass Fed Lamb Fat

8.2 ounce (232 gram) glass jar

Price: $19.95 Quantity
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