Griottines (35cl)

Griottines (35cl)
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  • Open the jar, grab a spoon, and help yourself!
  • Create a pan sauce for your duck, chicken, and pork dishes!
  • Garnish any cocktail with Griottines.
  • Add the juice in the jar to any cocktail or a glass of champagne.
  • Put a few on top of a scoop or two of ice cream.
  • Dip them in melted chocolate. YUM!
  • Top a cookie or cupcake with Griottines when baking.
  • Toss them into a blender with other fruits for a fruit smoothie.

In any dessert needing cherries, Griottines add an incredible extra dimension.

350 milliliter (11.8 ounce) glass jar

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By Emily R.
Bought these to add to my favorite Cherry Martini. Now, when the drink is all gone, I have a scrumptious treat in the bottom of my glass. During a layover in Denver Airport, I ordered a Manhattan and was pleasantly surprised to find some of these delicious cherries in my cocktail. I told the bartender that I had learned the same secret and appreciated the treatment to enhance a drink. Thanks for offering these on your site.
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Basketful of Treats 01/19/2013
I sent these Griottines and some other tasty products from Gourmet Delights to some good friends. They told me that the Griottines were the first thing they opened. They tasted them with a home made vanilla bean ice cream. I enjoyed shopping on this site and selecting the perfect basket of goodies. Thanks Gourmet Delights!
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Excellent products, excellent service 12/31/2017
By MariaGrazia Selzer
I purchased the Griottines to use in making a special Christmas dessert. The flavor was incredible making the dessert a success! Also, the customer service, shipping time was so appreciated. It seemed as though I blinked and my package was already delivered. I highly recommend Gourmet-Delights and their superior products.
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Great for baking! 01/18/2013
By Marnely Rodriguez-Murray
At first, I had no idea what I would do with it but wanted to try it. Dropped it into vanilla custards and baked inside, it added great tartness to an otherwise basically sweet dessert. Heck, I ate them out of the jar after that - they are that good!