Belazu Organic Argan Oil

Belazu Organic Argan Oil
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A unique oil with a mildly toasted, nutty flavor. It is known as "the golden oil."

The Argan tree is unique to the South Western corner of Morocco and is called the "tree of life" due to the importance of this tree, and its fruit and oil, to Moroccan traditions and culture. This remarkable organic Argan oil is made by cold pressing the seeds inside the nut of the Argan fruit. It takes 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of fruit to produce just 1 liter (33.8 fluid ounces) of oil, meaning it is an extremely labor intensive oil to produce.

Once the fruit ripens, it is harvested and laid out in the sun to dry. The flesh of the fruit is removed, and the hard shell of the nut is cracked to remove the almond shaped kernels inside. These are gently toasted and, once cooled, ground in a stone ‘rotary quern’, similar to a stone pestle and mortar. The resulting nut paste is then massaged by hand to extract the luscious oil.

Rich in Vitamin E and linoleic acids, and with a high unsaturated fatty acid content (over 80%), this unique organic Argan oil is full of health-giving properties. Vitamin E promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails, and the unsaturated fatty acids are great for keeping the heart healthy and lowering cholesterol levels. Initial tests indicate it may reverse the metabolic changes that occur from a high sugar diet, thus being a natural aid in the fight against diabetes; and the high levels of antioxidants show promise in fighting cancer. It is light in color with a reddish tinge and it is milder in flavor than sesame or walnut oil, yet its taste is distinctly nutty. Traditionally used for cooking tagines and dressing couscous, organic Argan oil also adds a unique and wonderful flavor to salads and other North African dishes.

This organic Argan oil is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and is gluten-free.

Rural Moroccans always knew Argan oil was good for you, inside and out. They actually rub their faces with their hands after eating a couscous dressed with Argan oil. In the spirit of that tradition, we can also recommend it for its beauty uses.

Organic Argan Oil is also clinically proven for beauty applications including improving skin hydration and skin elasticity. After using it for a month people noticed a visible reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.

We therefore can suggest Belazu Organic Argan Oil for:

  • A daily skin moisturizer to nourish and hydrate your skin.
    • It is gentle enough to use on all skin types.
    • It easily absorbs into the skin.
    • It is thought to help with skin conditions including acne.
    • The extremely high unsaturated essential fatty acid content prevents and reduces inflammation which aids in fighting skin degeneration, and softens and moisturized dry, cracked skin.
    • Sterols maintain skin and joints by protecting the essential protein Collagen from degradation.
    • Squalane protects your skin from degeneration which helps maintain softness and skin tone.
    • Phenolic compounds protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals.
    • It restores the skin's the lipid layer.
  • A daily hair treatment for shinier, healthier hair.
    • And to treat split ends.
  • A nail treatment and cuticle softener.

The healthful, healing, nourishing properties of this organic oil will give your skin and hair that revitalized, beautiful, youthful glow and radiance.

Packed in France from Moroccan oil.

This product may not be suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

Ingredients: Organic Argan oil

250 milliliter (8.5 fluid ounce)

Note our competitors are selling a 4 ounce bottle for $96.00, and it is not even organic.

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