Pure Almond Oil (J. Leblanc)

Pure Almond Oil (J. Leblanc)
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Eating J. Leblanc nut oils is the best part of all!

It is said that the true contribution of French cuisine is the idea of adding layers of taste and texture to dishes. Artisanal nut oils, like J. Leblanc's, support this idea fully. Nut oils are often referred to as "seasoning oils": because of their low smoke point they are not generally used for sautéing or cooking, but rather they are used to finish dishes. Nonetheless, you will find many a recipe, written by wonderful and knowledgeable chefs, using nut oils for sautéing in order to set a subtle base flavor.

  • Nut oils can really spruce up your salads.
  • Nut oils can be used for salad dressings with quality vinegar such as champagne, Banyuls, sherry, or raspberry. The usual ratio is three parts oil to one part vinegar.

Please refrigerate J. Leblanc nut oils after opening.

8 fluid ounce glass bottle

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