Salish - Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt (fine) - Cork Top Glass Jar

Salish - Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt (fine) - Cork Top Glass Jar
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Salish is a fine grain sea salt that is cold smoked over real Northwest red alderwood to give a clean, natural smoky flavor. No artificial flavors, colors, or liquid smoke is used to create this beautiful salt.

Salish refers to a cultural or ethnographic designation of a subgroup of the First Nations or Native American cultures in British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon who speak one of the Coast Salish languages. As the first inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest, they have used the red alderwood of the Northwest to smoke meats and salmon for hundreds of years. We are proud to be able to bring to you this salt, created in the ancient Northwest smoking tradition.

Salish gives food a genuine smokehouse taste on or off the BBQ.

The ultimate for cooking fish, chicken, or steak. We love it on salmon, fresh avocado slices, creamy pasta dishes, and it is great in soups!

7 ounce glass jar with cork top

Price: $15.99 Quantity
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