Acacia Flower Raw Organic Honey (ADI)

Acacia Flower Raw Organic Honey (ADI)
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ADI has focused on organic honey which provides for a strict selection of wild flowers and plantations planted in pesticide-free areas, hives built with natural materials, and a process of honey extraction through centrifugation without adding sugar, additives, or food coloring; and they also never pasteurize thus preserving the pure, natural flavors you expect and demand.

ADI's work with monovarietal honeys, created during peak flowering for each specific crop, has propelled ADI to the international forefront. Now, after nearly 150 years of dedication, the fourth generation of the Iacovanelli family runs one of Italy’s most honored honey producers.

The bees collect their pollen from the early spring blooms of the luxuriantly hanging flowers of Robinia Acacia trees. This Acacia honey is delicate and floral, and it stays liquid all year long. Perfect for baking, flavoring tea and coffee, and making syrups and dressings.

8.8 ounce (250 gram) glass jar

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