Quai Sud Naturally Flavored Pure Demerara Cane Sugar (Vanilla)

Quai Sud Naturally Flavored Pure Demerara Cane Sugar (Vanilla)
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Add a hint of vanilla to any recipe by using this naturally-flavored sugar instead of white granulated sugar. We love it on sugar cookies, cakes, yogurt, ice cream, crepes, waffles, pancakes, fresh fruit, and in hot chocolate.

Demerara sugar is a large grain, unrefined sugar made from sugar cane. Minimal processing during production gives this sugar a unique flavor and texture. It is used in baking, and as a sweetener in tea, coffee, and other beverages. The large, crunchy grains, are also perfect sprinkled on top of cookies, oatmeal, and anything else where you want a sweet crunch.

Quai Sud is at the forefront of innovative and sustainable gourmet products and packaging. They offer a variety of quality gourmet products from around the world. Their beautiful eco-friendly packaging is just an indication of the wonderful product inside!

Product of France.

Ingredients: unrefined cane sugar from Reunion, 4.5% crushed vanilla.

8.81 ounce (250 gram) sealed plastic bag inside a colorful raffia woven bag with wax seal.

Price: $14.95 Quantity
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