Tarragon Dijon Mustard (Edmond Fallot)

Tarragon Dijon Mustard (Edmond Fallot)
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The Fallot family has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for exceptional quality. They started creating mustards in 1840, in Beaune, France near Dijon. The mustard seeds are selected for their high quality and then are ground in a traditional stone mill. This traditional process preserves the pure flavor we all expect and demand.

This Tarragon Mustard is outstanding. The pure flavor of fresh tarragon, combined with the wonderful Dijon Mustard, creates a flavor combination that will amaze you. Perfect with chicken, great on pork, and exciting when used in your salad dressings.

Ingredients: Water, Mustard Seed, Spirit Vinegar, Salt, Aromatic Herbs, leaves of Tarragon (0.9%), Potassium Metabisuphite, natural flavor of tarragon, Citric Acid, Sugar, Spices, artificial color: Yellow tartrazine, indigo carmine.

7.4 ounce glass jar

Price: $7.95 Quantity
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