The Horizontal Tasting (Castillo de Canena)

The Horizontal Tasting (Castillo de Canena)
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The Castillo de Canena Estate has produced exceptional extra virgin olive oils in the Guadalquivir Valley of Andalusia in the south of Spain since 1780. Their "21st Century Oils" program seeks to bring new features and fresh concepts to a category of products with over 3,000 years of history. You will experience limited edition extra virgin olive oils in unique ways.

This HORIZONTAL TASTING is a gastronomic experiment to observe the evolution of extra virgin olive oil harvested over three consecutive months (October, November, and December) from the same trees. The result is three extra virgin olive oils with totally different colors, aromas, and flavors. Each transparent bottle is covered with a UV filter to protect the oil while still allowing you to observe how color varies with each monthly harvest.

While tasting them side-by-side is a lot of fun, each extra virgin olive oil is worthy of its own place in your kitchen.


  • Varietal: Arbequina
  • Harvest dates: October 22nd, November 22nd, December 22nd


  • October: bright green
  • November: Light golden with a green background.
  • December: Intense, bright, and very clean golden


  • October: Bold & Intense
  • November: Medium
  • December: Soft & mature

Castillo de Canena makes the following recommendations:

  • October: salads and appetizers
  • November: main course
  • December: dessert course

A Gourmet Delights Exclusive: we are the only store in North America approved to carry this rare, limited-edition gift box. We only received 12.

This product contains no soy, gluten, nuts, dairy, or genetically engineered ingredients.

Produced and bottled by Castillo de Canena with olives grown, harvested, and pressed at the Castillo de Canena Estate in Spain.

Gift box including three 375 milliliter bottles, one from each month; plus a book describing the oils and philosophy, along with recipes.

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